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Standing Desks Pro's & Con's

Updated: Sep 6, 2020

When my husband mentioned that he needed new shoes with better support, so that he could use his new standing desk, I thought I had better look into this!


HEALTH - This is the main motivation for getting a standing desk. We all hate sitting still for so long each day. Moving around has a lot of health benefits.

WEIGHT LOSS – Yes! With movement comes weight loss!

GREATER FOCUS - Again – with lots of movement there is more blood flow and therefore better concentration and focus.

LESS BACK PAIN – Another great benefit due to movement rather than sitting still all day.


SORE FEET – You’re probably going to downgrade your stilettoes to slippers and get new insoles - for the first couple of weeks at any rate.

NOT SO GOOD WITH LAPTOPS – Due to the space between the screen and the keyboard– but then if you are working on a laptop, you probably don’t need a standing desk as, hopefully, you are very mobile already. Desktops seem to be fine.

NEED A HEGHT ADJUSTABLE CHAIR – Your old chair won’t be any good anymore as you will need breaks from standing all the time. So you will also need to upgrade your chair or get a standing desk specific chair.

INCREASE IN VARICOSE VEINS – A typical consequence of standing for prolonged periods of time – so keep in mind you need to keep moving to keep the risk low – you may now want to consider the upgrade of a Treadmill Desk!

PRICE – And every good thing comes with a price tag!

Well there you have it!

At the end of the day it will be down to getting the balance between individual needs and the budget allowed.

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